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CKS Photo Archive from Nov 2011 to the present

2011-11-26 - CKS science lecture

2011-12-03 - CKS end of term

2012-01-28 - CKS mid term

nascent samulnori team for the school
wearing new livery with new instruments.
two Cambridge Samulnori players
give a performance to the students of CKS

2012-03-23 - Teacher Training Madrid

2012-04-25 - music performance

These photos are from a traditional Korean instrument concert in the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge. Organized by musicologist and composer Gyewon Byeon in cooperation with the Faculty of Music at Cambridge, these talented performers from Korea were invited to perform in Cambridge. Mrs. Ahn (headteacher of CKS) promoted the event to CKS members and most attendees at the concert were parents and children from CKS.

2012-04-28 - music performance

A traditional Korean instrument concert in the chapel of Robinson College, Cambridge. (Robinson College news item) The programme was the same if not similar to that given on 2012-04-25 in the Faculty of Music, Cambridge.

2012-07-07 - CKS end of term

2012-10-13 - St. Augustine's Open Day

2012-12-01 - CKS Caligraphy Workshop

2012-12-08 - CKS end of term performance

2013-02-09 - CKS Lunar New Year's Korean Party (noon to 1:30pm)

Presentation on Korean Food by Mr. Hyeon–yeong Oh
This was a rare opportunity to experience authentic Korean cuisine prepared by the Chairman of the Commission of Hansik (Korean Food) Globalisation in the World.

2013-07-06 - CKS end of summer term performance and Lecture on Korea

2013-12-07 - CKS end of year performance